Aplo's Expertise in Action: Facilitating a $20 Million Crypto Portfolio Rebalancing for an Institutional Client

Case Studies Jan 9, 2024

Aplo recently facilitated a unique and intricate transaction for an institutional client. In this case, the client liquidated $10 million of a specific crypto asset to fund the acquisition of six new tokens, all listed in the top 100 and beyond.


The Challenge

  • Liquidity scarcity: Assets in this range often face low liquidity. Consequently, market impact can be significant if trading is too aggressive.
  • Strict time-to-market: When they approached us, the customer wanted to start trading intraday.
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The Results

  • Quick Asset Addition: Aplo swiftly added six new assets within a remarkably short period—just 3 hours. Aplo's prompt response allowed the customer to capitalize on substantial price increases for some tokens.
  • Intelligent Liquidity Capture: By using a combination of VIO and TWAP, the customer managed to reach most of their execution targets will minimizing market impact.

Ingredients for a seamless trading experience

Quick & Intelligent Liquidity Capture

After listing six low liquidity tokens in just 3 hours, Aplo's algorithms played a crucial role in capturing that liquidity.

The customer opted for a blend of Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP) algorithms and Volume Inline Orders (VIO) over the 48-hour trade. TWAPs facilitated linear execution for a high fill rate, while VIOs capitalized on liquidity peaks with minimal market impact.

Synthetic Pair Creation

Aplo created synthetic pairs like BTC.ADA (for illustration purposes only), executing simultaneous trades of underlying pairs (BTC.USDT & ADA.USDT). This saves time for clients, making the process a single trade instead of two.

In our case, settlement currency was unified with USDT replacing USD, eliminating the need for conversion when trading against most tokens.

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24/7 Support Availability

When the client faced operational challenges, Aplo's Trading Support Team stepped in and manually executed dozens of trades, to help them achieve their target position.

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Why the rebalancing was successful

The successful execution of the customer's transaction was the result of Aplo's collaborative efforts in promptly adding assets, creating synthetic pairs, and deploying advanced trading algorithms. This success is evident in two key performance metrics.

Time to Market

The customer approached us with a request to list six new tokens for intraday trading. Remarkably, we listed all six within 3 hours in USDT, enabling the customer to save time and start trading immediately.

Fill Rate

Prior to starting trading, the customer set precise position targets for tokens. After 2 days, they achieved 100% fill rate on 4/6 positions. They reached 100% on the other last two positions 2 days later.

Ready to elevate your trading experience with Aplo? Contact us to discover how our advanced solutions can optimize your cryptocurrency trading strategies today.


Oliver Yates

Founder & CEO @ Aplo

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