How the Fintech Deskoin Boosts Efficiency and Expands its Digital Assets Offers with Aplo’s Automated Brokerage Platform

Case Studies Jul 2, 2024


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Founded in 2018, Deskoin is a French Fintech that facilitates the buying, selling, exchanging, and secure storage of various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and more than 30 additional coins. Whether through bank transfer or credit card, Deskoin app service makes digital assets more accessible for retail customers. In addition, Deskoin also offers on-ramp/off-ramp services for professionals, and a personalized experience for the most challenging projects.

The French Fintech offers competitive pricing by comparing rates across different liquidity sources in real-time. The platform ensures security with offline storage for most assets and provides comprehensive customer support answering client questions within 24 hours. Deskoin also offers educational resources and personalized assistance for users to manage their crypto investments effectively. As a bonus, it is registered with the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) as a CASP (Crypto-Asset Service Provider)

The Challenge

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Before integrating Aplo as a provider, Deskoin's trading infrastructure limited the company’s operations and expansions in several ways.

  • Manual operations: Deskoin's previous manual trading system imposed limitations on the maximum size of positions clients could purchase or sell, as well as on the daily transaction volume. This approach also incurred high human resource costs and led to slower execution speeds along with constrained data analysis capabilities.
  • A limited offering: The limited liquidity from previous providers restricted their ability to offer a wide range of assets to their clients, especially EUR-denominated pairs.

Why they chose Aplo

In search of the perfect solution, Deskoin chose Aplo because they met the following criteria:

  • Regulation: Like Deskoin, Aplo is a French CASP registered with the AMF.
  • One single interface: Aplo grants users access to multiple liquidity sources via a single interface while facing Aplo as their sole counterpart.
  • Integration ease: Aplo’s API easily integrates to any trading system.

The Results

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After implementing Aplo’s API and working together with our customer success team, Deskoin was able to:

  • Increase range of offers: Deskoin gained access to multiple liquidity sources, allowing them to expand the range of assets offered to their clients from 34 to 100, while systematically providing trading capabilities against € and USDC.
  • Reduce operational cost: Implementing Aplo’s solution allowed Deskoin to automate their operations which were previously done manually. This resulted in saving 0.5 FTE per month.
  • Improve risk management: Based on Aplo’s dataset, Deskoin automated pre-trade analysis and conditions for what can be considered acceptable trades, which significantly improved their risk management abilities.
  • Reduce minimum purchase requirement: Deskoin’s minimum purchase required was significantly reduced, making it fully accessible to more users when compared to other solutions on the market.
  • Implement competitive pricing: Thanks to Aplo's price aggregation and performance, Deskoin can offer its customers consistently better prices than those from previous providers, ensuring the most competitive cryptocurrency rates.

Robin Charlier, CEO at Deskoin, emphasized:

Deskoin has now been using Aplo's services for several months, and our feedback has been excellent. Before this partnership, trading operations generated a lot of human cost, risks and sometimes delay before our customers' positions were executed. Built by a team of trading experts, Aplo's solution enables us to automate a large part of our operations and open up new markets more rapidly, while benefiting from a trusted environment with a regulated partner. Our teams can now concentrate on our real expertise: offering products with a perfect user experience for managing investments in digital assets.'

Contact us at if you want to learn more about Aplo’s solution to automate your trading operations to a wide range of crypto assets.


Oliver Yates

Founder & CEO @ Aplo

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