Rebalance your entire crypto portfolio in one trade through Aplo

News Dec 14, 2021

By Oliver Yates, CEO at Aplo

Say you currently manage a $20m crypto portfolio, and you have a great model that determines what it should contain at any given time. This is all good, but more often than not there is no existing pair between the different coins and the liquidity is fragmented on many exchanges. This means you have to go through intermediary trades with stablecoins on multiple exchanges at once (which costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time), or trade them all against an OTC desk that will charge an opaque price (spread + markup + fee) for the service.

Simplify your trading operations

Now you can do it all in a single process with Aplo's Portfolio Rebalancing tool. Open a single account with us, enter your initial and target portfolios, and let our system do all the necessary trades to bridge both. We have access to the ten largest exchanges, on both fiat and crypto, and you do not have to open accounts on them. Our system determines the optimal path, and all trades are performed under our best execution policy. Here are some use cases:

  • For index funds: let us track the index and rebalance for you, while providing best execution to your LPs.
  • For quant funds: execute any strategy you have in mind seamlessly and with minimal trade costs, allowing you to rebalance as often as needed.

Aplo's Portfolio Rebalancing GUI

Reclaim your money back from the middleman

It is tough to determine the total cost of trading your portfolio through an OTC, as they will trade pairs that are not necessarily listed on markets. Since they take on the difficult job of making several trades on their end, they will charge a spread on your end, and you will not necessarily have a reference to which you can compare the spread.

At the end of the day they will get most of their liquidity on exchanges. Aplo offers you direct access to that liquidity, with the same tools that an OTC desk would use. We execute your orders directly on our partner exchanges, agency fashion - no hidden spread or fees and total transparency.

Avoid market impact for large portfolios

Does your portfolio contain coins that are beyond the top 5? No worries, we have you covered. Simply choose an execution algorithm to trade your entire portfolio.

Example of rebalancing strategies

For illiquid tokens, we can even guarantee TWAP execution, benchmarked on Binance’s prices. It does not get any better than that.

Get in touch with the Aplo team if you want to streamline your trading operations.

Aplo is an EU-registered prime broker that offers fast, direct and secure access to an ever-growing range of digital assets. All through a single trading platform.


Oliver Yates

Founder & CEO @ Aplo

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