Criptonite Asset Management Case Study

Mar 19, 2024
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Criptonite Asset Management, a Switzerland-based asset manager, faced operational challenges during its move to a new trading and custody system in July 2023. Prior to collaborating with Aplo, it was dealing with various suppliers, which led to inefficiencies. Aplo became the strategic solution, streamlining operations and enhancing risk management. Aplo is now the exclusive provider for Criptonite's two certificates.

Criptonite’s story

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Criptonite Asset Management is a Swiss-based, FINMA regulated portfolio manager, with a focus on digital assets. It was founded in 2018 by Florian Rais in Geneva.  Their aim is to allow qualified investors to approach this new asset class with their investment solutions. Their products offer different strategies to cover different needs and risk profiles.

A challenging transition

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Prior to joining Aplo, Criptonite collaborated with a certificate provider that mandated the use of specific trading and custody services. This arrangement necessitated Criptonite AM to engage with numerous suppliers and systems for its daily operations, resulting in operational inefficiencies. Changes in cryptocurrency legislation in the provider's country prompted Criptonite to shift. However, the new certificate provider hadn't finalized its list of preferred service providers, leading Criptonite to rebuild its infrastructure. This process involved navigating through complex KYCs to establish accounts with various exchanges and custody providers. Faced with these challenges, Criptonite sought a one-stop-shop solution to streamline operations and meet the trading requirements of its two certificates.

Why Criptonite Chose Aplo

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Criptonite Asset Management chose Aplo as their sole partner for trading and safekeeping services, recognizing our platform's capability to fulfill their specific immediate and future goals effectively.

In the immediate term, Criptonite focused on:

  • Enhancing their operational framework by reducing the number of intermediaries and vendors in their trading and custody processes.
  • Strengthening their risk management, oversight, and governance capabilities.

For their long-term objectives, Criptonite required a partner who could adapt to the distinctive demands of their investment products:

  • Criptonite Global Select benefits from Aplo's integrated solution for managing and safeguarding a diversified portfolio of 25 digital assets, which includes regular portfolio adjustments.
  • Criptonite Tame Smart is designed for dynamic trading activities, utilizing Aplo's efficient platform capabilities. This arrangement allows Criptonite to enjoy advanced trading features and streamlined reporting through a custom dashboard, enhancing both operational efficiency and market responsiveness.

Mathieu Ziaei, Criptonite's Risk Manager, emphasized, "What truly sets Aplo apart is their dedication to staying on par with the market. Their team consistently delivers innovative solutions and stays abreast of industry trends, ensuring that their service remains competitive."

Results and Outcomes

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In conclusion, Criptonite Asset Management's strategic collaboration with Aplo has proven instrumental in overcoming the operational challenges encountered during their transition to a new trading and custody infrastructure. Aplo's adaptability and comprehensive solution not only addressed immediate objectives, such as streamlining infrastructure and enhancing risk management, but also played a pivotal role in realizing Criptonite's long-term vision. By choosing Aplo as their exclusive provider, Criptonite achieved a unified and efficient one-stop-shop for trading and custody, effectively navigating complexities in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Contact Aplo at if you are looking for a one-stop-shop crypto brokerage solution like Criptonite AM

Oliver Yates

Founder & CEO @ Aplo

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