Hedge Fund ARK36 to trade with crypto Prime Broker SheeldMarket

News Mar 9, 2021

ARK36 and SheeldMarket form the first partnership between EU-regulated buy and sell-side cryptocurrency firms

Paris, Tuesday 9 March 2021: Cyprus-regulated hedge fund ARK36 has partnered with France-based Prime Broker SheeldMarket in order to execute orders for a variety of digital assets. ARK36 will maintain custody of its assets within the broker’s compliant and insured infrastructure. At the same time, the fund will be able to access liquidity through SheeldMarket’s cutting-edge, algorithmic execution services. This is the first such partnership between EU-regulated buy and sell-side cryptocurrency firms.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general have shown outstanding growth, both in price and trading volume. Importantly, reports show EU investors seem to have a more favorable perception of digital assets relative to their US counterparts. Reportedly, 6 out of 10 EU investors feel digital assets have a place in investment portfolios. Yet the largest and most high-profile digital asset investments are still taking place in the US. EU institutional investors point to security concerns, underdeveloped market infrastructure, and regulatory classifications as the biggest obstacles to digital asset investment. In this context, there is an opportunity for a crypto fund and regulated prime broker to solve all three issues.

Responding to Regulatory Needs of Investors

Across the institutional cryptocurrency investment world, there has been a shift away from dealing with unregulated entities. Entities providing exposure to the new asset class while ensuring strict compliance with the regulation are gaining ground. The partnership between ARK36 and SheeldMarket is the perfect response to that unique need of investors. It also complements the multiple partnerships that ARK36 has established since its launch.

For digital asset trading to thrive, a solid regulatory foundation is imperative. Without properly regulated entities, it will be outright impossible for some institutions such as pension funds to enter the space. Now that it has become possible to go through a regulated entity like ARK36 that is favoring regulated Prime Brokers such as SheeldMarket, the distance to the crypto assets has been shortened significantly.

Oliver Yates, Co-founder & CEO at SheeldMarket, said: “As a nascent, decentralized, unregulated asset class, crypto is probably one of the biggest headaches in terms of trade operations. SheeldMarket’s goal is to take that pain away from Hedge Funds, and we are excited to help ARK36 provide high and consistent returns for their investors.”

Ulrik Lykke, Co-Founder at ARK36 commented: “ARK36 is growing rapidly. As the assets under management rise significantly, the need for great execution platforms increases. We are constantly exploring the space to ensure we provide Best Execution and in SheeldMarket we saw the kind of high-end solution that can ensure rapid and precise execution of orders while also offering the protection of funds demanded by our investors.”


Oliver Yates

Founder & CEO @ SheeldMarket Solving complex problems with simple solutions

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